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I’m moving house! Well, website.

This WordPress page is now redundant. It will still be kept roughly up to date in regards to my credits and public work, however if you want to see more and better things go to

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Out In The Wild

Due to the nature of my work it can be a very, very long time between shooting a photo and it going public for everyone to see. This is one of those short posts where I get to show off photos I shot that have recently(ish) been allowed out in the wild world of the internet. If you like the look of what I shoot, say hello at and have a look at more of my work in my Portfolio and Gallery pages.

Vertu (Commercial)


The Dry Cleaner (Short Film)

IMG_0550 10947425_666041930208804_1878594572957649269_o

Lookin’ Weird

Most of my work is movie-centric, but sometimes I get to annoy people who aren’t actors or cameramen. Below are a collection of funky / mildly disturbing portraits I’ve shot as part of a fashion project my lovely girlfriend is working on where I’ve really been able to have some fun, especially with colouring!

These colourings are done specifically for myself, the actual project itself using a different colour palette. If there’s one thing a really good image should do, it’s ignite the imagination. I hope that’s exactly what these barely human portraits do.

Click any thumbnail to embiggen and if you like what you’ve seen here, say hello to me at and let me know!

IMG_0525-3[s]IMG_0441-8[s]IMG_0468-2[s]IMG_0610-12[s]IMG_0411-5[s]IMG_0573-9[s]IMG_0610-17[s]IMG_9919[s]IMG_0287-5[s]IMG_0141-11[s]IMG_9999-4[s]IMG_0387-5[s]IMG_0601-8[s]IMG_0603-2[s]IMG_0258-7[s]IMG_0141-3[s]IMG_0645-5[s]IMG_9743-2[s]IMG_0602-6[s]IMG_0385[s]IMG_0186-8[s]IMG_0181-4[s]IMG_0035-3[s]IMG_0039[s]IMG_0632-8[s]IMG_9901-3[s]jpgIMG_0131[s] (2)

Wait, I’ve been doing this for HOW long?

I’ve been asked more times than I care to count about how I started a career in photography, especially about how and why I started shooting on film sets. It’s definitely not a typical lifestyle that many people would willingly pick, there must be a super interesting and cool reason, right? Maybe.

Generally I’ve avoided posting old work and discussing my previous non-movie related photography. Partially out of avoiding confusion about what I currently shoot, partially out raw embarrassment and not ever wanting to display old photos that today I wouldn’t consider shooting, let alone display for people to see.

With that said, I was astounded / disturbed out when I realised a couple of weeks back that I’ve been taking photos in one capacity or another for about TEN years now. It’s very difficult to state a time frame where I started to consider myself professional, but with a full library of everything I’ve ever shot, I can look back and see where I started taking photography seriously.

Things have changed a hell of a lot since I was an ikkle 17 year old kid. Not just photography, the business, and technology, but myself as a person. While I don’t allow the role of photographer to define myself as a person, I cannot deny that photography has absolutely been a core part of my adult life and has heavily affected many life changing decisions I’ve made down the road.

I reckon that it’s worth sitting down and spending some time discussing the lessons I’ve learnt as a photographer and as a person over the past ten years. I feel that it’s something of a responsibility to pass some of my experience down to younger people who want to take a similar path to mine. But how do I write about all this in a meaningful way that people won’t glaze over and ignore? The hazy cloud of deep nostalgia is very difficult to navigate on your own.

This is a difficult task for one man, so I’m asking for thoughts from everyone who’s mildly interested. I want to hear what people would like to hear. I’m hoping that feedback will help me to construct an interesting format that’s actually worth reading, and contains more insight than me simply, begrudgingly digging up the past.

If you have a question, or if there is something you’re curious about, email me at I’m mega keen to hear all of your thoughts.

Below is a tasty teaser at what ten years of hard graft can do to a creative persons abilities. On the left is a super early photo of a local gig I shot on 2004, on the right, a portrait I shot in 2014.

What a difference 10 years make.


Wheeling and Dealing

For around ten years I’ve been masquerading as a highly trained photographer shooting for all sorts of clients, predominantly film production companies. I’m one of those people who’re lucky enough to afford being a picky git about who I work with and sell myself to, my services aren’t open to the public even if they’re intended audience for what I shoot.

However I think it’s time to open the doors a little bit and let more people enjoy what I create. How you ask? How about selling a variety of premium quality prints? Yeah, lets do that. Have a look at my first online collection that contains prints that are available to buy RIGHT NOW! Barely in time for Christmas!


Alternatively, and for future reference, here is the Print Shop page where links to all available collections will be visible as they are created in the future.

Why haven’t I got round to selling prints before? Shooting film productions requires me to vanish from the world for months at a time. It means I’m not been able to guarantee a fully functional retail service that paying customers deserve. Additionally, online print suppliers have also been very mediocre in my eyes, filling store pages with cluttered designs made to benefit themselves and not me as an art seller. Not interested. Until now.

My prints are being handled by theprintspace, a professional photographic printer in London whom I trust to create perfectly coloured prints every time, something which is disappointingly difficult to find. Should they deviate I can go over there personally and see what’s going on. I wouldn’t accept anything less!

For this opening selection of prints I’m opting for a pricing scheme that’s aimed at being accessible for everyone at starting from £19.97 and up to £49.36 (plus shipping) for the largest sizes. Much like great films, I think prints should be available to all people who like looking at cool things.

Starting off small, this whole endeavour is completely experimental for me. Creating photos for people to buy is a very different process to shooting marketing for a film. As a long term investment to building a large and attractive selection of prints to buy, I’m going to be constantly prodding at things to see what does and doesn’t work. If feedback is positive I might even create shoots purely for the sake of selling prints.

I’ve created an FAQ page for my prints which will hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you’re still confounded by something though, get in touch at – I’d love to hear what you have to say.

More galleries and prints will go online in the near future as certain things are agreed to and the last layers of polish are added. Keep an eye out!

Portfolio! 2015 Edition!

Yup, I’ve taken up the pre-yearly naming scheme of crappy sports games. I’m sure you’ll live.

In a vain attempt to look busier than I am, I’ve decided to sit down, have a look at my portfolio for the thousandth time and decide what to do with my life. This time my mental processes came to the conclusion that I should re-jig my portfolio a little bit and do some winter cleaning.

Have a look! Portfolio! Click it!

If you know me, you’ll know that my portfolio is my greatest enemy. It’s the physical embodiment of my latest, greatest and most beautiful work, however because I’m a stereotypical creative, my huge levels of arrogance are dwarfed only by insufferable levels of insecurity. Even when everything is perfect I’ll still sit and stare at the body of work, treating it like I probably would a tarantula that magically appeared on my desk; paralysed with fear. Fortunately as one gets older, wiser, and uglier more confident, it’s not as hard to decide what works as it used to be.

When I created the 2013 edition of my portfolio, it was a hugely needed overhaul of everything. Today I’m subtly tweaking the core design ethos so that it reflects my own artistic directions. Gone are the thick black borders I used attempt a portrayal of creative authority and the page cluttering production details have been put at the back.

I’ve now opted for “BIGGER PICTURES!”, which rings much better in my head. It still looks cinematic – anamorphic aspect ratios will do that on their own – but it makes a huge difference to raw impact. Pragmatically speaking individual pages will also look much better when they’re scattered around on the internet.

There are a few new additions to the portfolio for the release, however for me it’s also laying the foundations for 2015 when more of 2014’s excellent projects will become public, I want those awesome pictures to stand big and proud for everyone to see!

If you like what you see, let me know! Give me a yell at – especially if you like it enough to hire me, you lovely person you.

Dawson James in "HUD" by Cosmo Leigh

Emma Kenny in "2:AM" by Genesis Flux / Sweet As A Productions

Autumn 2014 Round-up

Occasionally an individual photo will be released here and there, but it doesn’t validate a blog post of it’s own. Instead I’ll just quietly add them to the Gallery page. With the release of 2:AM’s key poster today, I figured that it’s a good time to show off  some of what’s been released recently.

2:AM [Link]
2:AM Poster

10668814_338476862980941_4642197059634704150_o 10702223_338476896314271_8677846599242168269_n


IMG_6152[s] IMG_2094[s] IMG_0256[s] IMG_0244[s]


"HUD" by Cosmo Leigh HUD by Cosmo Leigh


Like what you see and want me to shoot awesome photos for your film? Email me at and say hello!