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Ask and You Shall Receive

– Part of the Large Format Photography series of articles –

Sometimes. Occasionally, you get what you ask for.

Yesterday I dared ask “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Later that day my phone rang to give me an answer. It was Phil Meachem, one of the producers of Tech Hunt, who’s been working his ass off to make Tech Hunt work (it’s no mean feat organizing a small army contingent of horses and riders).

It was about 10pm, I had just finished a lovely homemade meal and was just doing the final preparations for the journey tomorrow (now today). When my phone rings this late I know something’s amiss, especially since me and Phil are connected on-line in just about every way two people can be.

“Hey babe!”
“Hey Marc.”
“All gone hairy?”
“Yup. Reschedule. Sorry bro.”

Completely out of everybody’s hands, nothing could be done to make things happen on time. Unfortunately this happens very frequently when filmmaking. When it comes to the chances of a project coming through I go by the mantra of “it’s not guaranteed to happen until the camera’s rolling, and even then it probably won’t.”

So what happens to me here? Well my train ticket is non refundable, and a new date hasn’t been locked down yet, so either I throw away my ticket or I head up north and meet some of my favourite young British filmmakers.

I’ll be heading up and making the best of a bad situation. Being the dedicated, stubborn old man I am, I’ll even be taking my fabled Graflex camera up with me to do some test shots with the resources available, and maybe take some portraits too.

Upon returning to London I’ll immediately get any films I’ve shot developed before heading off for a long weekend in Brighton. When I get back from that I’ll let you all know how the photos came out!

If you have any questions about the actual shooting process I’ll be writing about how the test shoot goes down, email me at and show me some love.


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