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The Waiting Game

Want to know the worst part of shooting film? 

Waiting. Apparently I have a terrible sense of timing.

On the way home from the Tech Hunt test shoots, I diverted my route through London by about 15 minutes to drop off the film at the lab whom I decided to process the negatives. I burst through their front door in a way that only a photographer overburdened with multiple bags and boxes of equipment can do. Clanging and bashing every surface with the force of a clumsy titan, making sure every wall and door I encounter will never forget my face through an occult mixture of comedy and horror.


“Can… rugh. *heave* *gasp* Can I have these developed please?”

“Sure, but the developing machines are being rebuilt from scratch at the moment. Heavy delays, at least a week I’m afraid.”

“Anything to reduce the burden of weight on my shoulders! Take them!”


I was planning to hold off my next blog post until the film had been developed, so I could talk about how successful / upsetting the results were. Instead a few days ago I was reminded by a friend of mine that I hadn’t updated in two weeks! You poor suckers are clueless about my adventures!

Well, if it helps, so am I. At least until the films are developed. Which with all things being hopeful should be very very soon.

I could have taken my films elsewhere, however I am keen to see how this lab in particular runs. Also this lab is really easy for me to reach, whereas others would require a fair bit more travelling.

If the film isn’t ready within the next day or two, I promise I’ll write articles about other photography related things.


On an unrelated note, Mr Happy, a short I’m also associated with has nearly reached their kickstarter funding goal. If you like to see good people doing good work, give them some love.


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