Movie Unit Promotional Stills Photography

Portfolio preview number two!

Because I love everyone who likes me, the back cover to my portfolio is now available for your desktop prettiness!

In other Marc based news, the blog now has a lot more “stuff” revolving around me and my photography, including the usual information such as “About” and “Contact” as well as my credit list. Additionally there is also a brand new page dedicated to desktop background friendly images. This will slowly be added to over time, starting with the abstract covers of my portfolio.

If you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot any errors in this new content, please let me know so I can fix it up. In the mean time, stare into the endless beauty of this brand new wallpaper, courtesy of the guys at AB Negative who are currently knee-deep in post production.


p.s. The titling is there out of my own convienience rather than the result of dogmatic, over-the-top watermarking. If there is enough demand I’ll put up the textless version for your loving eyes.

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