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The Start of a Busy Week

Being a rather self-deprecating soul it always feels weird to hear when people comment on how they’re genuinely reading the words I smash out on my keyboard. It’s even more unusual hearing that people are wondering what’s been going on since my last post. It’s only been just over three weeks since revealing my Portfolio, but it’s felt like forever.

I’ll say now that I’m going to leave the Large Format Photography writing for another day. I have taken a number of photos since my last post, it’s not dead!

The bulk of my time has been filled recently with working on Tech Hunt and Mr Happy, two very different short films made by two directors who actually personally know each other, and who’s shooting schedules were coincidentally remarkably close. They’re visual styles and geographic locations however could not be much further apart from each other!

Tech Hunt was the first film on my schedule, we were shooting on a farm north of Doncaster. Shooting what ended up being ~40 horses and their riders. Tech Hunt was always going to be a challenge at best, however I’m a sucker for pain and making things hard for myself. Not only was I doing a 4 hour train journey with all my camera gear and a weeks worth of clothes, I was also bringing my Large Format gear, and two studio flash units to be used as lightning within certain scenes for the film.

I had also donated blood merely a couple of days before. It’s a great thing to do but wow, it really does sap my strength and energy away. Fortunately intercity train journeys are fairly easy, it’s just the local services that tend to cause issues when carrying far too much stuff. I think my spine compressed by about 2 inches during that journey.

Over the next few days I’ll talk about some of the more unique challenges that Tech Hunt and Mr Happy brought to me. In the mean time below are some initial stills from both films that have already been released to tantalise your taste buds for pretty colours and cool characters.

Tech Hunt 1

Tech Hunt

Producer: Phil Meachem, Michael Collin

Director: Chris Cronin

Cast: Michael Collin

Mr Happy 1

Mr Happy

Producer: James Rice

Director: Eugene Magee

Cast: Michael Ryan

Mr Happy 2

Mr Happy

Producer: James Rice

Director: Eugene Magee

Cast: Jenny Bede


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