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Horses Don’t Compress Well, Zuckerberg.

While working on delivering the next Tech Hunt poster (coming out soon!), me and the director Chris Cronin, decided to release a teaser mini-poster of sorts on Facebook! It must be said that I absolutely love my photography for Tech Hunt, it oozes style that wouldn’t look amiss from a comic book. Very cool. It’s not often I’m given so much freedom in regards to colouring and framing. really fun times.

However, remember how a few blog posts ago I complained about compression on Facebook makes my eyes bleed?

Well, Facebook’s image compression is so crushingly strong that I’ve volunteered to host the full, original image on my blog, because the subtle tones and shapes in the picture are annihilated by Mark Zuckerberg’s computers. It’s not common of me to release original images, I tend to resize and label everything up, but this injustice must be corrected!

Feast your eyes on this! (Click to download the full size! You deserve it!)

cog eyed tech

Also, for the sake of comparison, look at the mess Facebook made! Look at it!


While we’re at it, here is another mini-poster I photographed that recently went up on the Genesis Flux website!


Before too long we’ll also be releasing the key poster for marketing Tech Hunt upon the films completion, keep an eye out! There may be a really cool post in the works that might be released at the same time!

As always, if you really like my work and think I might be qualified for some kind of job on your film, give me a shout at


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