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Going back in time!

If there is one word which couldn’t be used to describe me, it’s nostalgic. However sometimes I find it useful to look back at and retroactively study ones own work.

Last night was one of those nights, where I was randomly roaming through old hard drives for various things and stumbled across some work of mine from just before my first ever short film job.  Six years ago, me and a photographer friend of mine traipsed around Scotland and took plenty of photos. Good times and good troubles were had by all (I was mostly trouble).

Originally edited on RawShooter (a super old, super dead piece of RAW editing software), it was interesting to see how I had decided to colour these images, and which photos were left untouched, put into the archives of images never to be used. Back then RAW imaging was no-where near as commonplace as it is now, Lightroom was just a twinkle in Adobe’s eye, software was much slower, and used poorer algorithms to generate pictures. Un-salvageable pictures back then are could be eked back into life nowadays.

So, because I love you all so very much, it was decided that it would be cool to recolour a handful of these images and release them as wallpapers! I never have the time to shoot pure landscapes, so these are a rare thing from me, consider yourself lucky!

Has to be said though, looking back at these, I’d love to retrace my steps and spend some real quality time shooting with my Graflex. That would produce some stunning photographs.







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