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A Quick and Cool Announcement

Apparently it’s not just film-makers who appreciate my camera waving abilities!

Roots & Shoots – A charity based in Kennington, South London who help young people from Lambeth and Southwark prepare for the world of work – asked me to pop round and photograph some of their flowers and greenery to create some giant prints that will pretty up their conference rooms which are hired out to other organisations.

Seeing as they’re all good people and I’m not one to turn away charitable efforts, I simply had to help.

One room, mid-sprucing up.

One room, mid-sprucing up.

Spending an afternoon near the end of summer pondering around their property taking pictures of their surprisingly varied, almost hidden, flowers and plants produced some really lovely results. (I might’ve also yoinked one or two from my visit at West Dean.) Take a peek, if you will, at the full set of pictures Roots & Shoots decided to use.











How do they look in real life though? Pretty damn great, I reckon. Most of the time when my photos are printed huge, they’ve been graphic designed to hell and back; it’s pretty refreshing to see a massive 1.5m tall canvas dedicated to one photograph!

Currently, we’re looking at the prospect of selling these prints at various sizes with a profit split between both Roots & Shoots and myself. If you might be interested in such a thing, please let me know!

Alternatively, if you’ve got some space on your office wall, and dream of looking a something other than a beige, texture-less surface, throw me an email, and see if I can stir something special up for you too!

Shilling aside, have a look at how these turned out!







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