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The Experiment Continues

So the last time I made a post about large format photography specifically, was back in March. Whoops.

Due to time constraints, it’s been a struggle to dedicate time to shooting with the Graflex. However, I did bring it to West Dean Gardens to do more than pose for me! I shot two frames, and I finally just got them back from the lab (due entirely to me being slow)!

So whatever went mysteriously wrong with the Tech Hunt photos has definitely vanished away, these ones came back flawlessly. I think it may be time to notch my large format photography up a gear. At some point I may even get round to scanning these things in!

Despite it’s unquestioned dominance, one thing that digital photography will never, ever be able to replicate is the physicality of negatives, especially huge negatives like these. Looking into a highly detailed 5×4 negative is like looking at a fine painting; there is just too much detail and sharpness to taken in without really taking the time to study it intensely.

This photo is not doing it justice.

This photo is not doing it justice.

Unlike DSLR lenses, the sharpness is also throughout the entire frame. The far edges of the frame are just as sharp as the centre, something most 35mm sized lenses dream of.

To celebrate this new photographic success, I’ve decided to add another  wallpaper based on the negative above. Lots of pink. Almost a shame to think that this pink will all turn green when it’s scanned in and coloured properly!

Neg Dean 2

This is part of the large format photography series of articles, where I am using my 70-something year old camera on a film set filled with stunts and dangers of every kind. Have any questions? Email me at


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