Movie Unit Promotional Stills Photography

Sunday Radio

Slowly waking up and gurgling around on a Sunday morning after a good night’s drinking is not a time when I expected to hear my own voice.

No, I’m not still drunk. I’ve been listening to an interview I had with an old friend of mine who runs a film-based podcast. Having listened to my own rambles, I’ve decided that it’s coherent enough for the general public to have a listen too! (~35 minutes long)

It’s actually a fairly in depth conversation about my experiences as a unit stills photographer, how I work and my career as a whole. So if you miss my voice, or have never even heard it before, click that link and let my silky smooth voice entertain and educate your Sunday afternoon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you think I performed, having never done a radio style interview before feedback would be really useful. Let me know what you think at


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