Movie Unit Promotional Stills Photography

Stepping Above The Line

I’ve always dabbled a little bit with the production side of movie making, mostly out of just giving a hand where one is needed in the complex process of making a film. However I’ve never, ever took charge of an entire project. Until now that is. For some reason I answered the beckoning call of endless work and chaos wrangling!

I’ve been asked by the London based charity Roots & Shoots to produce a  high quality creative media supplement as part of their display at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Working with director Chris Cronin we’re creating a <5 minute B&W silent movie that shows the story of a 1914 manor house and how the community handles the loss of it’s gardeners who are sent off to fight in The Great War. The awesome part is that all the cast are students and staff or friends of Roots & Shoots, which gives it a charm that would be difficult to obtain with professional actors.

We’ve just wrapped on Principal Photography and are now in post-production! If time isn’t too hard to find, I’ll write about my experiences of heading a highly non-traditional short production.

In the mean time I’m going to let the power get to my head and enjoy the power of releasing my stills without having to worry! Believe it or not, these photos were only taken in last week! Have a look at this wonderful, beautiful location!






There’ll be plenty more where these came from! Keep an eye out for more news and information!

Any questions? Email me at


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