Movie Unit Promotional Stills Photography

Lookin’ Weird

Most of my work is movie-centric, but sometimes I get to annoy people who aren’t actors or cameramen. Below are a collection of funky / mildly disturbing portraits I’ve shot as part of a fashion project my lovely girlfriend is working on where I’ve really been able to have some fun, especially with colouring!

These colourings are done specifically for myself, the actual project itself using a different colour palette. If there’s one thing a really good image should do, it’s ignite the imagination. I hope that’s exactly what these barely human portraits do.

Click any thumbnail to embiggen and if you like what you’ve seen here, say hello to me at and let me know!

IMG_0525-3[s]IMG_0441-8[s]IMG_0468-2[s]IMG_0610-12[s]IMG_0411-5[s]IMG_0573-9[s]IMG_0610-17[s]IMG_9919[s]IMG_0287-5[s]IMG_0141-11[s]IMG_9999-4[s]IMG_0387-5[s]IMG_0601-8[s]IMG_0603-2[s]IMG_0258-7[s]IMG_0141-3[s]IMG_0645-5[s]IMG_9743-2[s]IMG_0602-6[s]IMG_0385[s]IMG_0186-8[s]IMG_0181-4[s]IMG_0035-3[s]IMG_0039[s]IMG_0632-8[s]IMG_9901-3[s]jpgIMG_0131[s] (2)


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