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Large Format Photography

Occasionally when I’m feeling fanciful I’ll bust out my rather luxurious and old fashioned large format camera, sometimes I’ll even write about my adventures with the big old red and silver box. Here on this page is a link to all the articles I’ve written about large format photography. All neatly tied up for you to peruse at your leisure.

1 – Crazy Horses!
2 – Introduction – What?
3 – The Camera In Question
4 – What’s the worst that could happen?
5 – Ask and You Shall Receive 
6 – Occasionally I Do Useful things
7 – Horseplay
8 – The Waiting Game
9 – Never Said It’d Be Easy, Kid
10 – The Experiment Continues
11 – The Colour of Film
12 – New Year, New Photos

If you find yourself wanting more information about large format photography, feel free to give me a shout at

Graflex at West Dean