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Portfolio! 2015 Edition!

Yup, I’ve taken up the pre-yearly naming scheme of crappy sports games. I’m sure you’ll live.

In a vain attempt to look busier than I am, I’ve decided to sit down, have a look at my portfolio for the thousandth time and decide what to do with my life. This time my mental processes came to the conclusion that I should re-jig my portfolio a little bit and do some winter cleaning.

Have a look! Portfolio! Click it!

If you know me, you’ll know that my portfolio is my greatest enemy. It’s the physical embodiment of my latest, greatest and most beautiful work, however because I’m a stereotypical creative, my huge levels of arrogance are dwarfed only by insufferable levels of insecurity. Even when everything is perfect I’ll still sit and stare at the body of work, treating it like I probably would a tarantula that magically appeared on my desk; paralysed with fear. Fortunately as one gets older, wiser, and uglier more confident, it’s not as hard to decide what works as it used to be.

When I created the 2013 edition of my portfolio, it was a hugely needed overhaul of everything. Today I’m subtly tweaking the core design ethos so that it reflects my own artistic directions. Gone are the thick black borders I used attempt a portrayal of creative authority and the page cluttering production details have been put at the back.

I’ve now opted for “BIGGER PICTURES!”, which rings much better in my head. It still looks cinematic – anamorphic aspect ratios will do that on their own – but it makes a huge difference to raw impact. Pragmatically speaking individual pages will also look much better when they’re scattered around on the internet.

There are a few new additions to the portfolio for the release, however for me it’s also laying the foundations for 2015 when more of 2014’s excellent projects will become public, I want those awesome pictures to stand big and proud for everyone to see!

If you like what you see, let me know! Give me a yell at – especially if you like it enough to hire me, you lovely person you.

Dawson James in "HUD" by Cosmo Leigh

Emma Kenny in "2:AM" by Genesis Flux / Sweet As A Productions


Suddenly, a Film!

A couple of months ago I worked with Chris Cronin to produce my first ever short film called “The Gardeners Go To War” on behalf of Roots & Shoots to be displayed at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Somehow, as if almost by magic and time travel, we have delivered a finished film, despite both me and Chris having worked on-set in numerous other films during the post production of Gardeners.

With it being the first public day of the Chelsea Flower Show, the film has also been released! Have a looksie! Cast entirely of students and staff of Roots & Shoots with no prior acting experience, “The Gardeners Go To War”  is a story about how the community surrounding a 1914 era manor house is transformed by it’s men being recruited into the army to fight in World War 1.

I would also like to take a moment to thank the key crew involved, Chris Cronin, Alex Stone, Sheara Abrahams, Lilly Hale, Joel Catchatoor for their hard work on this extraordinary project. Without these people the film would’ve been virtually impossible to pull together. Still looking for more WW1 era goodness? Here’s some more stills for you to eat up at your leisure.

If you have any comments or questions about “The Gardeners Go To War” please feel free to drop me an email at



Cinematographer Alex Stone








Cinematographer Alex Stone







Stepping Above The Line

I’ve always dabbled a little bit with the production side of movie making, mostly out of just giving a hand where one is needed in the complex process of making a film. However I’ve never, ever took charge of an entire project. Until now that is. For some reason I answered the beckoning call of endless work and chaos wrangling!

I’ve been asked by the London based charity Roots & Shoots to produce a  high quality creative media supplement as part of their display at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Working with director Chris Cronin we’re creating a <5 minute B&W silent movie that shows the story of a 1914 manor house and how the community handles the loss of it’s gardeners who are sent off to fight in The Great War. The awesome part is that all the cast are students and staff or friends of Roots & Shoots, which gives it a charm that would be difficult to obtain with professional actors.

We’ve just wrapped on Principal Photography and are now in post-production! If time isn’t too hard to find, I’ll write about my experiences of heading a highly non-traditional short production.

In the mean time I’m going to let the power get to my head and enjoy the power of releasing my stills without having to worry! Believe it or not, these photos were only taken in last week! Have a look at this wonderful, beautiful location!






There’ll be plenty more where these came from! Keep an eye out for more news and information!

Any questions? Email me at

Summer Fresh

It’s good to have a spring summer clean sometimes.

Due to the outburst of really great work being produced and made public lately, I’ve decided that it’s already time to update my Portfolio, something that can take months or years to happen!  It’s not the major overhaul that took place earlier this year, however there are a number of new images being displayed that will hopefully display the best of my capabilities.

Diamonds 3

Twenty pages is barely enough to cover a single film, let alone dozens of them! What happens to the poor pictures that were culled out by the brutal selection process? Do they just go back home and wait out the days, hoping to be seen again before they’re lost forever? It’s become so hard to pick portfolio images lately that I’ve felt it’s time to bend my own rules! Until today, I only ever made a handful of carefully curated images available on my site.

The savvy Marc fans out there might have spotted a new “Gallery” button on the top nav bar.

On this quietly glorious little page I’ve decided to make available many more images that while might not quite be portfolio suitable, is still definitely cool enough for everyone to see at their own pace. Unrestrained from the requirements of a formal client-attracting document, the Gallery page will be showing a much wider collection of photographs I have shot.

I’m still experimenting with the exact format and adding photos, mixing it all together in no particular order on purpose, shoving former portfolio pages next to behind the scenes shots, portraits of cast / crew and even the occasional magazine / newspaper clipping. Things will likely be added, changed and messed about with, so keep an eye out for new freshness!

Moments - Behind the Scenes

Let me know what you think of what I’m doing at!