Movie Unit Promotional Stills Photography

Who is Marc?

Hello! My name is Marc, and I’m a photographer who’s based in London, UK.

On-set marketing photography for the movie industry is my specialisation. If you’re wondering what work that entails, it means creating all the still photographic assets behind a movie that is used for marketing purposes. Spending the majority of my time on film sets, it’s my job to make sure that every movie has visually grabbing photos that generate interest, funding, and ultimately audiences.

I believe in the power of high impact photography as a tool to engage new audiences. Using a stylistic mixture inspired by cinematographers, renaissance paintings and Hollywood movies, my goal is to bring creative authority to productions in a way that impress the widest audiences possible.

My images have been used in a wide variety of ways; such as posters and DVD/Blu-ray cases, as well as publicity portraits of actors and key crew for industry publications or websites.

I’ve worked alongside a selection of great actors and actresses such as John Hurt, Sheila Reid, Louise Brealey, Craig Fairbrass, Emmett Scanlan, James Cosmo, David Ajala, Charles Venn and many, many more.

Occasionally when I’m not busy working on set I mess about with Large Format Photography, an ancient and rarely used type of film photography. Mostly for my own entertainment.